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Headset not pairing

Level 2

I received my oculus quest 2 back from RMA it’s a refurbished one. The headset is not pairing with my phone. It says software update required on device. Which device my phone or the headset. I can’t access the headset it’s not pairing. Please help


Level 3

I’m sorry to hear that you are having troubles, and I may not be a meta employee but I am having this same issue so I will try to keep you updated if I find out how to fix this.

Level 6

Don't worry, literally everyone who's had a headset that came back via RMA has been broken and can't connect. Not sure why, maybe @MetaQuestSupport can chime in here but I believe it has something to do with the Meta Accounts they recently released.



What does RMA mean?

RMA means "Return to Manufacturer". It's basically what happens when somebody is having issues with their product, and they want to use their Warranty to replace it. In this case, Oculus gives troubleshooting, and if it doesn't work, they make you send in your current product, and they'll send you a new one.



If they don't fix this software update required issue soon they are going to have to replace alot of quest 2 headsets