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Height/Floor level changes mid use and when starting using Rift with 3 Sensors

Me and many others from the Oculus subreddit are having the same problem see here :

So many times during use i see that there is a shift of like 5-20 centimeters of floor level height shift and often when i start using the Rift for the first time in a day. Re-calibrating the floor height via the device options works but i have to do this almost every time i use the Rift. I assure you 100% that my sensors are mounted perfectly and don't get touched or moved at all. Still this shift of height occurs randomly.



Defectus said:

I also have this problem when i turn my back against my two front sensors. 2 front sensors plugged into inateck, 1 sensor with usb 2.0 ex-cable into mobo and HMD into USB 3.1 on the mobo. Tried different combos and they all act the same. Sometimes two of my sensors give of the warning "wireless sync timed out" a reboot will fix it. Tried different orientations with the sensors in the ceiling both upside down and the usual orientation. The problem seem more prevalent when the sensors are placed above head height what i could gather. Could provide some logs tomorrow

same here

I have the wireless sync out on one sensor.. but when i activate the rift.. it is ok... i still do have the stuttering,.. even when in device setting oculus app.. everything looks fine...  i also have the same usb 3.0 spreading like you.. tried liteay everything.. in some games like superhot the tracking is perfect.. in other titles i have height glitches.. stuttering etc.. so sick of it.. almost a year only troubles with my rift.. i will never be a VR pioneer again.. .... it ! 😉

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Here's another clue that might mean something to the Oculus team.  I noticed yesterday, during my daily re-setup ritual, that the sensors were moving around on the guardian setup screen.  Not much but I could see them moving around a little - especially when I was near the limit of their range (touch controller indicators flickering red time to time).
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Yep, that's why I tried to described previously, moving guardian just by testing the area before clicking "Next", when on border with Touch.

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will84 said:

With the logs your engineering team has they should be able to get a fairly close setup to somebody experiencing the problems, this is quite widespread and has been posted numerous times.

I am sure that they must have been able to reproduce it by now, I did suggest it over 2 weeks ago although anyone with half a noggin would not even need prompting.

I thought I had a setup that worked pretty well.  3 sensor setup, about 8 ft apart, USB PCI-e card.  Until today, I never had an issue with the height level changing.  Every once in a while one of my sensors seems to shut off by itself.  Whenever I reboot my PC, I have to remember to turn off the USB Power management.  My touch tracking is usually bad when facing the back corner of the room, but it's manageable for most Oculus Home games because they focus you towards the front.  I usually don't have a problem with the HMD until today.  I was trying to play Accounting from Steam.  Steam games generally don't worry about keeping you facing front so the issues were more obvious then usual.  The touch tracking made the game almost unplayable.  You don't need fine motor control for that game. The interactions are even more simple than Job Simulator.  My controllers were moving around on their own.  For the first time since I've had my 3 sensor setup, my height was changing while playing the game.  The game is less than 30 minutes long and it happened 2 or 3 times.  I quit and tried it with Quill just to verify it wasn't a Steam VR issue.  I didn't see the height change, but the touch tracking was the worse I had ever seen.  It's starting to feel like every time I try to use my Oculus Rift/Touch, it's worse than before.  I've had friends ask me if they should buy a Rift.  I had to tell them "no."

Just read this in uploadvr.
Guess they are having data filtering, prioritizing and sorting issue with duplicated data sending thru. multiple sensors. It seems like the more sensor you put in the more problem they will have to sort out the priority. And this make other camera assume that they have be moved because of the priority change.

I have the same problems like Aculeus_. I have 3 sensors mounted in die upper corner of my room. 3.5x3m. Works pretty well before the 1.11 patch. Now the tracking is not really good and after a while the height increase/jumps for 15cm. I cannot grab things from ground anymore. 
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