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Help getting started with elite head strap with battery

Honored Guest
I'm a little confused about the Elite strap with battery, can anyone answer some basic questions for me that I'm struggling to find the answers to?
Firstly, am I correct in thinking the battery on the elite head strap will only pass power and NOT data through to the main headset? The reason I ask is I'm wondering if you can plug the battery in to the quest 3 and the PC into the elite head strap battery so I can use both at the same time?
Next, when charging them, can I charge them both separately for faster charging? Or, does the the head strap battery have to be plug in into the quest to charge them both with one cable?
There's a button on the head strap by where you plug it in but I cannot get seem to get it to do anything. Do I need to be pressing this quickly or a long press when turning it on or does it come on automatically when plugging it into the quest? The button is just confusing and seems to do nothing.
Lastly, when using the head set how do I tell the battery level of the Quest 3 and the battery level of the additional battery in the head strap? I just see one battery level (not taking into account the controller batteries). I'm not sure if this is because this is the combined battery level of both, or if I'm not turning the head strap battery on as per my last question where the button doesn't seem to do anything.
Sorry for all the questions but I just can't find the answers.


I am wondering also.  My extra battery didn't even charge overnight it's at 0 this morning 

Hello there @TheCableGuy96 and @raeven63, we notice you both have an inquiry about the Elite Strap with Battery. we know being able to use the strap with ease is necessary for an extended VR experience, and we want to do all that we can to provide more information on the Elite Strap with Battery for you both!


So for @TheCableGuy96, here is our response for each question:

  1. The Elite Strap With Battery doesn’t support “pass-through” of Link data. The Link cable can power the Elite Strap, but you won’t be able to access your PC content library through it.
  2. You can charge them separately, but we recommend charging them together. This is because while the Elite Strap with Battery is plugged in to the headset, when the Charging Cable is connected to charge, the Charger will charge the Elite Strap; the headset will then continue to charge itself from the Battery (and receive no direct charge from the Charger), until both are fully charged. Once the Charger is unplugged, the headset will go back to using the Elite Strap with Battery before drawing on its own internal battery.
  3. The button should display the led light color. You can also hold it for 10 seconds to power cycle.
  4. When you use the Elite Strap With Battery on your Quest 2, the main battery status indicators such as the LED on the side of your headset, and the main battery level shown in your headset, will show the combined battery level of your Quest 2 and Elite Strap With Battery.


For @raeven63, can you let us know if power cycling the head strap will help with the issue?

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Thank you for responding!  After further research online and trial and error, I no longer have a problem and I think it is working as it should.  Thank you!

That sounds amazing @raeven63; we're glad you don't have the issue anymore!


If you ever have any other issues, please don't hesitate to as us.


We hope you have a nice day!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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