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Help, i clicked "forget touch controller" in oculus link app and there is no "add controller" button

Level 2
Ok, think i have a problem, i played for a bit on my quest 2 with a link cable and later i started messing with the settings, which made my controllers display as off. No problem i just clicked "forget device" on both thinking they will be added back in the same way as they do in the mobile app ... except there is no add controller button.
They work normally in the headset, and the worked on the pc link app a moment ago, but now they are gone.
Tried to pair them back up, restarting the headset switching usb port, forgetting the device, adding it back in, turning head tracking on and off and other stuff i could think of.
So far always headset shows up with no controllers.
Anybody had this problem?

Level 2

Ok i fixed it, from inside the headset itself i started up the link app and i tried to switch to air link and cancelled it, seems to have fixed it.

Will leave post as it is in case anybody has the same problem.

Hey there @Sebobobo. We see you had an issue with the controllers and are glad you were able to get the issue resolved! Thank you for sharing the information you found on resolving the issue, we're sure people on the community will appreciate this as well.

Hope you have a nice day and happy gaming!