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Help please. "Session "OculusVadApoEventTrace" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035"

Level 2
This has only been happening since i've got my Oculus Rift S, i'm using the device or it's plugged in in the background and not being used.

All of a sudden my PC is making disconnecting device sounds, (my experience) my corsair icue profiles all default and stop then starts again in a few seconds, my mouse and keyboard also stop and restart, I look in my event viewer and see this error literally one thousand times "Session "OculusVadApoEventTrace" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035"

It's starting to become one hell of a nuisance, I see other people who too have the same problems, it's not my own PC it seems to be the Oculus software but no topic on here or Reddit EVER has a fix for this.

Please does anyone else know a fix to this? 

Level 2

I have a Quest 2 - but the same issue

Level 3

Same as McSly, always on startup i have loads of these messages, but everything seems to work fine. Too bad Oculus developers dont seem to answer questions on this forum.

Level 2

I'm having the exact same issue as you are describing, Session "OculusVadApoEventTrace" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035, my mouse disconnects, my keyboard, I can hear all kinds of usb devices connecting disconnecting. This is with a Rogstrix B550-E/5800x/32GB corsair mem. Eventually my whole system crashes, but its not only now when im using Oculus actively. So what is this service and how can I stop this ? Im no expert but I can see that this is seriously F-ing this up. So anybody out there with the same issues ? Maybe an Oculus Dev can come in and save the day 

I am also having the same issue described by scratchyfox.

Level 2

I too am seeing this.

Windows event viewer and I have 2000+ of these errors in the past 7 days. I wouldn't care if it had no impact, but it does have a clear and real detrimental impact. USB devices disconnect. My monitors disconnect. Some software I am running (e.g. Bluestacks) also crash.