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Help set up replacement headset

Level 2

Replacement headset is on my account but it cant be found. I can not get past pairing controllers. Please help.


Level 2

if its an oculus quest or quest 2 i suggest reaching out to oculus for a replaent of your quest / quest 2. I personally have a quest 2 and a rift s. If the headset is a rift s try plugging the usb cable in and waiting for the app to update saying ( no display cable ) or something similar to that and then plug the display in. that should help it register the controllers, if not then re install the oculus app and do the process again make sure you go into vr when it tells you to. as for the rift i would say check your censors and make sure there connected before reaching out to oculus and maybe someone else has a better solution for the rift.


hope i helped!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shawna, we wanted to jump in and make sure you are able to get started using your new headset. You mentioned the attempt to pair is failing because the headset isn't being found. We have a few steps that should help you get up and running. After factory resetting please attempt the steps outlined at You should also take a look at your Quest's 2 connection to your Wi-Fi


If you're still not able to pair reach out us via We're here to help you find your way back into VR and having fun!