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Help with app sharing

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I have a account with Oculus and bought another headset for my son. I want that headset to be his way he can control whatever settings he wants but they also want to share games with him from my account so he doesn't have to buy them again. I know there is a way to do this but here is my question.

1. do I have to set up his Oculus under my account and use him as a secondary or can he be the primary user on his account?

2. IF i set up his headset with my account first and him as a secondary, can he change settings on his account like chaging the Wi-Fi settings or other settings in his account? I am asking this because I originally set it up under my account for both headsets and tried to change his Wi-Fi settings and was not able to under his account.

3. Is there anyway when you're setting up a count sharing for the Oculus not to ask you what account you want to start off on? When I originally set it up and had both accounts on the my name whenever I start my headset or his headset it asks do you want to switch accounts. Is there any way to stop this from happening meaning when I turn on my headset it goes straight to my account and when I turn on his headset it goes straight to his account?

I wish Oculus had a phone number that you could actually talk to somebody and get answers right away it is crazy trying to go back and forth with them through text and everything getting misunderstood and even going through this form and having to wait for a response.

Thank you for your help


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there zadam123! It appears that you have some questions in regards to Multiple Accounts and App Sharing. We understand how important this is and we'd love to help you out by answering any questions that you may have!

App sharing is a feature enabled with multiple accounts that allows the primary account to share some of its games and content to the secondary accounts on the same headset. This will allow those secondary accounts to play the primary accounts games while on that particular headset. This feature can only be enabled on one headset at a time. While secondary accounts will still be able to buy, install and use apps and games much like the primary account, there's some key limitations one will encounter when using a secondary account. Secondary accounts cannot connect to their account on the mobile app, meaning they won't be able to use features such as Casting, File Transfer, and anything else that requires the mobile app. Secondary accounts also cannot share their apps to other accounts on the same headset.

We'd definitely recommend you checking out our public article about Multiple Accounts and App Sharing by clicking here! Feel free to reach back out to us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always happy to help!

So are you telling me if I buy another headset for my son we cannot share games from one headset to another? Even if I set up the primary on both headsets?

I am reading that you can do that everywhere else on some forums and websites.

Hey, @zadam123! If you were to purchase a second headset and add your account as administrator, you can turn on app sharing and add your son's account afterwards. Then, yes you will be able to play games that allow app sharing together. Only through the sharing feature would you be able to "transfer" games, however, the secondary account would be given limited access being that the secondary account didn't buy the game. So in game content such as DLC's might not be functional. 

Do you know if he would be limited as to what he can do with his headset? I think someone was saying he might not be able to go into the settings for example to change Wi-Fi network and even to stream games on the TV or his phone through the app do you know if this is true

We appreciate the questions over the capabilities of the App Sharing feature; In essence the headset would respond to whichever account you used during the initial set up process. If system settings is an important part of your sons experience then he would need to be the administrating account. Which is completely do-able and your son would have complete freedom over that device. The problem is that the app sharing feature is dependent on the administrator. 

To share the content that you have already paid for, the administrator would need to be the master account on both headsets. Essentially, you would log into the device with your son's account as a secondary account to enable app sharing. Consequently, turning off the ability to maneuver through system settings for the secondary account.  

If you would like to read over some of the details dealing with app sharing you can find an article through our website here