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Help with mobile app!

Honored Guest

When I download the mobile app and after I click on log into my Facebook it sends me to a page to where it's asking for a four digit pin and it's not letting me put in a dour digit pin...ot keeps flashing my keyboard but will not let me put no numbers in and ive Uninstaller the app and reinstalled the app and still will not let me get passed that screen

Screenshot_20230526_130644_Meta Quest.jpg


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @Banderson73. Thanks for reaching out and bringing your setup troubles to our attention. Having any sort of issue with setting up your new device can be a little discouraging, and we would like to lend a hand to get you up and running. So we can get to the bottom of the issue, could you tell us a few things first?


Does it ask you to log in with a different option other than Facebook?

Have you updated your phone?

Can you send us a copy of the message with a screenshot or video?


Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @Banderson73! Just checking in to see if you are still needing assistance with you mobile app. If so, please do reach back out to us at your earliest convenience. Thank you!