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Level 4

Hi. I got a meta quest 2 very recently and after en even more recent update, in the home screen I now have arms. I don't know if I accidentally clicked a setting, but I really, really don't like it. Please tell me if there is a way to set the ghost hands back instead of plastic nightmares extending from my shoulders.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there AiroKunOmega! First, we'd like to welcome you to the wonderful world of VR! Second, the arms that you are now seeing are a feature that came with the new update and as of now, there is no option to turn that feature off. We definitely value your opinion though, which is why we'd like for you to visit the Ideas section of our Community Forums. Please click here and share your requests and suggestions for any improvements you'd like to see. Enjoy your new Quest 2 and Happy Gaming!

Level 2

i agree i want the ghost hands back so bad

Tbh, ghost hands were pretty lit.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?