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Horizon Workrooms You can't use Workrooms with this Account error


Dear Meta Support

We have VR Area, and we use 4 of your META Quest 3 and 4 of META Quest 2 Devices.

All of them use 4 different personal Gmail accounts as Meta Accounts.

On the Meta Quest 2 Devices all our Horizon Workrooms work.

However on the META Quest 3 with the same Meta Accounts we get this error:


Can you please help us with that?

Kindest regards




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @vrfx.2023, and thanks for bringing your Horizon Workrooms concerns to our attention. We know being able to set up the devices for your business is important, so we'd be happy to take a further look! 

Upon digging into this deeper, Workrooms are currently not accessible on Quest for Business at this time. While this is the case, are the personal Gmail account's linked to a business account? If so, we'll need to use personal emails not associated with the organization in order to access the software. 

Of course, if not, let's attempt uninstalling the app, then hard reboot your Quest 3 devices by holding the power button for 30 seconds. As the devices come back up, please reinstall Workrooms and attempt to get signed in once more. From there, we'll continue taking a further look at getting things all set! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We noticed that we haven't heard back from you yet. If you still need help with this, please let us know! We'd be happy to continue looking into the matter together!

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Dear meta Team thanks for getting back to me.

We know now why it does not working and we are a bit shocked.

It is because of your recent decisions, the use of Workrooms is not possible if any third-party MDM, including ArborXR.

If your meta for business starts supporting authoring store apps (unmanaged apps) we will use your product. But unless you give us that functions it makes no sense paying for your solution. Oir clients see it the dame way and the money comes from them not us we only help them getting there.

if you just block others from doing this it will only kill your customer base and people must use other hardware. (I really want to use the quest!!!!!)

We realized that we all need to find alternative applications for our client meetings now because of this decision....

The time is now where companies want this stuff and if there are blockage it will be very bad.

 me and my clients we really liked workrooms and hope you will let us use it with whatever solution installed.

Please don't become the new Apple please please please don't!

Kindest regards 


We still love you meta! Quest is such a fantastic product!




Sorry a typo;

 business starts supporting authoring store apps

I.meant *unmanaged apps it means apps we buy from meta store.


Hey @vrfx.2023! Thanks for the feedback. Although we are unable to directly make this change. We would like to invite you to our ideas forums, where you can share these ideas and any others that you may have to help us serve you better. Here's the link If you have ano0y other support issues lets us know so we may further assist. 

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Hi and thanks, sure i will do that, have a nice weekend!

Kindest regards pascal 

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