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Horizon Workrooms and Logitech K375s

Level 3


I just got the K375s and it works fine in the Meta Quest 2's general environment but somehow it is not possible to use it Horizon Workrooms. Should I return it or is K375s support will be implemented soon?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! We see you're having issues with connecting your K375s keyboard. This is not the experience we want you to have. We know the time this is taking away from being able to use Horizon Workrooms. Let's work together to get you back on track! 


Please go ahead and try and redownload the Meta Quest Remote Desktop and please click here for more steps. If these steps did not work and you're still experiencing issues please let us know so we can provide you with more help! 

Hi. I'm having the same/similar issue.

I just purchased a K375S as it was a recommended keyboard.

I paired it with the device under settings no problem, but when I go into Workrooms it only gives me the option to use the Logitech K830. I've tried re-downloading Horizon Workrooms, unpairing and re-pairing the keyboard, updating the quest 2, but nothing seems to work to let me use it.

Level 3

Same here, somehow it doesn't seem to be supported in Horizon Workrooms when it is supported in the Quest's main environment. Like the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand😅





Exactly - I understand if it was added/removed in a previous update, but it would be nice to know.

If Oculus Support could just provide information, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am using:

Workrooms V1.6(47)

Software Version

System Version 47421700667400000

Is there a newer version being rolled out that has support for the Keyboard, or was this Keyboard removed from a certain version?

I mainly want to know whether I should be sending back my new keyboard if support has been removed.

Level 2

Wow, today's "Hoziron Workrooms" update added K375s support! Everyone try it!

Level 3

Indeed, I just tried and it does work now. Thanks for the heads up.