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Horizon Workrooms cant login

Level 2




Every time I click on "Continue with Meta account", the app makes me sign in. After I sign in, a couple seconds pass and it goes back to the first screen again. Do you guys know how to resolve it? 








On my desktop I was able to login and use it without any issues. This problem only occurs when I use my laptop.

















Level 3

Can you confirm if the laptop is Windows or Mac? If MacOS, is this Intel or Apple Silicon hardware? Same for the desktop, windows/mac? Intel/Apple?

the newest version that was released this weeks seems to have issues with certain architectures but hoping Meta can elaborate on the system requirements for the app as they are not listed on the download pages. 

Thank you for your reply. Both of my computers are running windows 11. My laptop is a Samsung Galaxy Book S (Intel). I also tried to use the Meta Quest Remote Desktop app on another laptop and it run without issues. I think that this issue is only present on the Samsung because it has the intel core i5 l16g7 which uses a hybrid technology to make it work like arm.