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Horizon Worlds: Unable to travel

Level 3

When I try to go to any world within Horizon Worlds I receive

Unable to travel
We were unable to take you to your destination.

How can this be resolved?


Level 3

Can someone at oculus tell us how to resolve this please?

Level 3

Did this happen to your recently? Just started today for me.

This song started today for me as well. I was messing with the create a world tutorials and when I was finished I try to go to a world and got that error message about unable to travel we were not able to take you to your destination. Read somewhere that has something to do with changing the Oculus settings to English but my settings have always been to English I would imagine. I’ve had the headset for about a month now and I’ve never had this problem. Plus I don’t know how to do that. 

Same here, everything in the oculus settings is English and USA country.

Hey there! We are aware that this has been an ongoing issue and we can assure you that our team is currently looking into possible options in order to resolve this issue for you.

Level 3

It seems to be working fine now.


 Hey there! We are thrilled to know that it's working just fine now! Safe Horizon travels!

ive tried to play a few times. never get past the entering Horizons screen 

Hi there, Sloth7Cats! We know how frustrating it is to be ready to start a new game, but not being able to actually enter it. We hope these troubleshooting steps help resolve your issue:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Restart your headset
  • Reinstall the app
  • Last resort, perform a factory reset. (Please ensure the Cloud Backup feature is enabled before resetting your device.) 

In addition to performing these troubleshooting steps, we would appreciate it if you reported this as a bug. This will bring this issue to the attention of our developer team, so they can correct this for you and anyone else who may be experiencing this. 😊👍