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Horizon worlds says coming soon all of a sudden

Level 2

I waited until I turned 18 to play horizon worlds, understanding that when I was 17 it said coming soon, however I turned 18 last month and was able to get horizon worlds I played it for a couple weeks it was great and now all of a sudden it says coming soon and I can’t download it again? If it’s because I’ve got banned then i want to see proof of what I’ve done so wrong because I’ve never done anything bad on there compared to some of the racist homophobic children does anyone know what I can do? That’s the only game I really play and not being able to play on my original account is so annoying 


Level 3
Horizon Worlds is "Coming Soon" I can't install it.
I'm in Florida.
Quest 2


I cannot install the Horizon Worlds. 
I reset the headset
I logged out and back in
If I try on the pc. It says the same thing, "coming soon"
Do I need an invite?
I'm over 18
My Quest 2 works fine.
I'm in the us.
I don't have any account restrictions.
Meta Quest 2 username is synced across Facebook,Horizon


I should be able to "GET"  (see photos attached)
As per checking, I have exhausted the troubleshooting steps .
"We will get back to you as soon as we have the best solution available for you."
"As of January 13, 2022, Horizon Worlds will no longer be supported on Quest 1. After January 13th, Horizon Worlds will still be available on Rift S and Quest 2 headsets. New Quest 2 users will be able to download Horizon Worlds approximately 48 hours after they set up their headset. If you are based in the US or Canada and do not see an option to download Horizon, please check back shortly!" It looks like our developers are aware of this issue where users are unable to install Horizon Worlds, and they're working on resolving it. We hope this helps."
This is all I get as a response.
"As much as I want to provide with the best solution on this, as of now your concern still needs to be reviewed."

Makes no sense.mhwcs.pngget.png


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Mines was removed off my oculus for some reason im in South Carolina. Same things 23 wifi usa 

For some reason it says on my Oculus store Horizon worlds coming soon

how do i fix it

Level 3

Horizon coming soon can’t play the game anymore

Level 3

I’m having the same problem

Hey there @OfficialGamerInVR! It appears that you're inquiring about when Horizon Worlds will be available and we'd be more than happy to give you some information in regards to that! Right now, Horizon is available in the following countries: US, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, UK, France, & Spain. We plan to expand to more countries in the future and we'll make sure the community is the first to know!

Also, keep in mind that Horizon is not rolling out to teens under 18 currently. If you still feel that you're receiving the "Coming Soon" message in error, we strongly urge you to report this as a bug as bug reports help improve our products and software. You can report that bug by clicking here and following the steps provided.