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Horizon worlds

Level 2

Can't download horizon worlds have had oculus account for a while. How to fix??


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We understand you're having an issue with getting Horizon Worlds. If you meet the requirements to download it, but still see "coming soon", please send this in as a bug report. The requirements to download Horizon Worlds are as follows:

  • Live in the US or Canada
  • 18+
  • Facebook account is in good standing and hasn't violated any community guidelines

If you need the steps to submit a bug report, you can find them in this support article. Thank you for bringing this to the community. 

Level 3

I also have an oculus 2 and cannot download it. 

My son has same oculus and he can.. its frustrating.

Level 3

If you Google this it says it has nothing to do with your face book account. Yet in Meta it says your face book has to be in good standing so which is it?

When you Google it , it says it has nothing to do with your face book and yet right here on this page it says it does.

Hey there! We see you have some questions regarding the requirements for Horizon Worlds, we're happy to help! To start, a Facebook account is required in order to access Horizon Worlds. Here is a helpful link to our site containing more information. That being said, we've gotten reports that some users are experiencing problems entering Horizon Worlds. As we continue to investigate, please use the following steps if you are experiencing this.

End your session and trigger a re-login:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Password and Security.
  3. Click the Edit button next to the Sessions section.
  4. Click Log out of all sessions.
  5. After a few seconds you should see a pairing code appear in your headset.
  6. Go to to complete device code authorization. Your device will restart automatically.
  7. Attempt to launch Horizon Worlds again.

If you’re still experiencing this after completing the steps, please submit a ticket in Uservoice under the Meta Account section. Please include your Horizon username and details on your experience!