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Horrible Oculus Customer Care & Warranty Support

Level 3
Heed this warning and buy your Oculus equipment from a reputable retailer like Best Buy and pay the extra money for a protection plan if you can. You will be grateful you did if you have any warranty issues.

Also, make sure to keep all receipts and log the serial number on your box and on your headset, which can be found under the left mount for your strap. The two serial numbers are different and Oculus will ask for both if you have the unfortunate experience of working with them direct.

Here is our story with Oculus Customer Care on a warranty issue less than 30 days after first use. Like we have done with so many other consumer electronic manufacturers, we thought buying direct from Oculus would be the best customer support experience. Boy were we wrong. It's been horrible. It's the worst customer service we have ever experienced. We bought 4 256GB headsets from them for Christmas, as well as games, elite straps with batteries and other accessories. Huge investment. They had less than 30 days of use and now one of the headsets boots up to a black screen, even after 3 factory resets, and I am in the endless cycle of emails and trying to get support to do an exchange. Absolutely held captive by the fact that they will only provide support via email, at their pace, and with just canned template responses like it will take another 3 to 5 days "to look into investigating it". I haven't received a response to my last 3 emails. I have called the attorney General in our state and will be filing an official consumer protection complaint with them and with the better business bureau (BBB). Sadly they are already rated with an "F" with the BBB. All we want now is a refund. I no longer wish to even exchange it. I can't believe in today's society and with today's technology any company can believe this sort of customer experience is acceptable. Facebook is a $39.9B company ranked 14th in the entire world. They can afford to provide quality customer care and live support. Even if it were just over live chat and not the phone. It's incomprehensible. 

Sad story..  I would not have purchased my Rift S if I ever expected to read about such experiences..

Was going to bring some fun into nowadays situation and purchased one with a few games for distraction.. ended up with Oculus permanently showing me my hardware does not meet actualized minimum requirements..

Now, after building me a complete New PC with new Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB High speed ROM and a painfully overpaid RTX 3060 12GB GPU all on Prestige X570 mainboard which was a bunch of invest and time&effort - same note, still and even more disappointed kids around, new games still do not start and can't find any useful help or support..

Was not looking for a refund when logging on, just hoping to find a useful information but after reading all this my biggest concerns are most likely to become true.. 

Still hope that I'm going to receive a hand from support side to get over this ridiculous freeze. Otherwise I'd second that and get me other device from different manufacturer for sure. 

Level 3

I am so disgusted right now myself.  We sent in our quest 2 on August 21 because it would not charge or hold charge.  They sent us a replacement headset that would not begin the connection process and was stuck in the controller connection screen.  We reported that and they had us return that and they sent us another replacement.  The 2nd one will also not move past the controller connection screen.  We walked through multiple steps with multiple reps trying to get it going.  Now we have been told it is a large scale engineering issue and to just wait indefinitely for a repair.  Not 1 proactive follow up by META updating me on anything.  

I keep getting canned replies to my inquiries that are cut & pasted.  The last one even missed one spot and left "customer name" in their reply.  

Are they honestly telling me that every replacement headset being sent out is not able to connect?  If that is the case, that is HORRID service and META should be out of business.  If not the case, then we are the ones getting treated horribly.  Either way, shame on META and I want my $ back. 

Omg...  the replies are word for word the replies I got!