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Horrible Oculus Customer Care & Warranty Support

Level 3
Heed this warning and buy your Oculus equipment from a reputable retailer like Best Buy and pay the extra money for a protection plan if you can. You will be grateful you did if you have any warranty issues.

Also, make sure to keep all receipts and log the serial number on your box and on your headset, which can be found under the left mount for your strap. The two serial numbers are different and Oculus will ask for both if you have the unfortunate experience of working with them direct.

Here is our story with Oculus Customer Care on a warranty issue less than 30 days after first use. Like we have done with so many other consumer electronic manufacturers, we thought buying direct from Oculus would be the best customer support experience. Boy were we wrong. It's been horrible. It's the worst customer service we have ever experienced. We bought 4 256GB headsets from them for Christmas, as well as games, elite straps with batteries and other accessories. Huge investment. They had less than 30 days of use and now one of the headsets boots up to a black screen, even after 3 factory resets, and I am in the endless cycle of emails and trying to get support to do an exchange. Absolutely held captive by the fact that they will only provide support via email, at their pace, and with just canned template responses like it will take another 3 to 5 days "to look into investigating it". I haven't received a response to my last 3 emails. I have called the attorney General in our state and will be filing an official consumer protection complaint with them and with the better business bureau (BBB). Sadly they are already rated with an "F" with the BBB. All we want now is a refund. I no longer wish to even exchange it. I can't believe in today's society and with today's technology any company can believe this sort of customer experience is acceptable. Facebook is a $39.9B company ranked 14th in the entire world. They can afford to provide quality customer care and live support. Even if it were just over live chat and not the phone. It's incomprehensible. 

Level 2
I have horrible experience with them too... I bought 3 X Oculus Quest 2 on november. I ordered 3 X Oculus Quest 2 Elite strap and 3 Vr cover one week later. 3 weeks later, I received a cancel order due to some trouble with the product. I contacted Oculus to keep my order alive... cause I really want these straps. One week later, I received another mail to cancel my vr cover due to no stock. I contacted them to keep the order alive too... because I really wanted genuine vr cover to fit perfectly my Quest 2. I then decided to order one oculus link for pairing with my computer. After 2 weeks, i received a shipping notice for the link, but nothing in my mail box. I contacted them, they tell me to contact UPS, and UPS told me to contact Oculus... etc. And finally, after a full month, they finally send me another link cable. During this month, I received a second cancellation for my 3 elites strap and 3 VR cover. On the end of december, I received an ''in stock'' notice for the Elite straps. I ordered 3 straps... and on January 8, I finally received a box from Oculus!!! Yeah!!!! I opened the box... and they shipped me just one strap. I looked on my account... and the 3 Oculus straps had the same tracking number. I contacted the customer service to investigate on this issue... and 20 days later, I have no news about my missing items. When I contact the customer service, they always tell me my ticket is on investigation... Damn!!! I have 2 Oculus CV1, one Oculus Rift-S and 3 Oculus Quest 2 with a shit load of Oculus store games... worth more than 6000$. And i have to wait a full month for their mistakes??? That's incredible!!! I will buy my next games on steam and my next accessories with third party's next time.... shame on you Facebook!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi there, we're very sorry to hear that your experience with our support team has been less than satisfactory. We can also appreciate the frustration in encountering this error so soon into your VR experience with us, so we'd like to look into your case further. Are you able to provide your ticket number so we can do so? Thank you.

Level 2
Here's mine 2184337

Level 3
Yes my ticket number is 2169103.  Thank you for the response.  I look forward to a resolution.  My mother-n-law purchased these as a gift for the kids.  She is not very technical so I have been managing the replacement.  She was disappointed we were having so much difficulty with one of the headsets and getting it replaced, so she purchased a replacement for the broken one from Best Buy.  We are now just requesting a refund on her original purchase from Oculus for the defective one.  You will see her order number in the ticket.  She has also requested assistance through her own ticket.  That ticket number is 2223937.

Level 2

I feel you on this Woolverine! I hate regretting buying things that showed so much promise only to be let down by the manufacturer that doesn't stand by its product. At least you got lucky enough to get a reply on this platform. However, I will take notice of the actions you proposed taking yourself with the attorney general and BBB. I'm also looking into filing a case in small claims (I actually got injured when the elite head strap broke and slashed my ear). Good luck to you!
(My ticket: 2181136)

Level 3

Well to give you all an update.  I am still trying to get the issue resolved with Oculus.  I finally got a customer care rep that cared about good customer service.  Her name was Jennifer.  She acted on it very quickly and set everything up to do a return.  Since I purchased a new one from Best Buy she agreed to do the refund as requested.  I received the label and sent the Oculus Quest 2 in that very day.  That's when things went bad again.  They received the unit but still haven't issued the refund.  When I reached back out to the awesome customer care rep, Jennifer, I didn't receive a reply for over a week.  When I did it was now a different customer care rep again, who is asking for us to validate ourselves all over again by providing all the information we have provided numerous times on numerous ticket responses.  I don't get it.  They can't look through the ticket and see all the information?  We are emailing from the same email address.   This has been an absolute nightmare.  We are proceeding with filing complaints with our Attorney General for consumer protection, the Better Business Bureau and doing a chargeback on our credit card.  This has become beyond ridiculous.  I don't understand how a company can even legally function like this.  Unbelievable.

Oh man do I feel you on this; I'm going through this exact same thing with their customer service; my left controller died at the beginning of last month, let them know immediately, and since then have been going back and forth, getting the same email from them 3 times in a row asking me to troubleshoot a completely dead controller, then for contact info, then for my phone number because they forgot to ask for it, now I haven't heard from them in almost 2 weeks and still waiting, after the rep told me to give them 36-48 hours. I had my Elite Headstrap crack back in December and the ticket is still not resolved. I was dealing with a person and got to the point where they asked me for photos. Provided photos and all of the information they requested then they proceeded to ghost me for 2 months. Finally, out of the blue, someone else messaged me asking for everything all over again from the start! I'm so done with this!  I absolutely cannot longer this product to anyone and will actively persuade people away from this horrendous platform. As soon as something goes wrong you're left up a creek without a paddle for sure. I agree, I have no idea how they are legally allowed to operate in this way. They have your money already so obviously they don't care. So upsetting because it seemed so promising until Facebook got involved. 

Level 3

Anyone that is trying to get an elite strap replacement should probably get ready for a class-action lawsuit. I am right there with you. The customer service team is totally unhelpful... Telling me to just keep checking my email and wait to hear something. This is bologna! This is the transcript from my latest chat:


***Rubixcubed77 joined the chat ***


RubixCubed77: Following up on Ticket 2438413/2429294.


*** Catherine joined the chat ***


Catherine: Hello Joel. Welcome to Oculus Support.


Catherine: I understand you wanted some updates with tickets 2438413/2429294, am I right?


RubixCubed77: Correct, I still have not received my return shipping label.


Catherine: No worries, let me check this for you.


Catherine: Your reference ticket number for this chat is #2453332.


Catherine: To proceed, 2438413 is about your elite strap with battery which is broken and you asked for replacement last March 8, 2021, am I right?


RubixCubed77: That is correct.


Catherine: And 2429294 was already merged to 2438413 due to same issue.


RubixCubed77: Correct


Catherine: Let me inform you, that the agent who assisted you was able to raise the request. it's just that the request is still in queue and what I would suggest is for you to keep an eye via email for updates.


Catherine: As much as I want to, us, chat agents are limited of access with regards to returns and this is being handled by the specialized team.


Catherine: But one thing is for sure, your request will be taken care of by the higher level.


RubixCubed77: Genella told me that I should have received it within 3 business days, is that still the target timeframe?


RubixCubed77: Sorry, are we still connected?


Catherine: I can only imagine the inconvenience this has caused you, when it comes to timeframe, we provide this for every customer whenever we raise the ticket.


Catherine: Yes, I'm still here and I know this may not be the answer you are looking for, but we appreciate your understanding.


Catherine: What I can do here on my end is to add this chat request you had today wherein you are already expecting for the return label due to 3-5 business days timeframe had reached.


RubixCubed77: Okay, so I was told by Genella to reach back out if I did not hear back or receive anything in 3 business days (which is today). When should I reach back out if I do not hear anything?


RubixCubed77: Also, is there a way to contact the specialized team directly?


Catherine: With regards to our timeframe, it will still depend on the said pick up from the next level team.


Catherine: While for the communication with Oculus specifically, we can only be contacted thru email and chat.


Catherine: I do feel you, Joel.


Catherine: For this chat conversation, it will be kept with regards to your current situation and kept in the history to improve our service.


RubixCubed77: I appreciate that it is not directly your fault, but it does little to make feel better since I have spent $130+ on an accessory for a $400 product that broke in less than 2 months and can't tell me when I can send it back to get a new one is totally unacceptable.


Catherine: For the said inconvenience, I would like to give my apologies. I here on my end may not be in control with the current status of the ticket, but come what may. Once the ticket is owned and the return label is sent, I do hope for the return and replacement to go through smoothly, Joel.


RubixCubed77: Thanks. So what is your direction on how long I should wait if I have not received the label to reach back out to the support team?


Catherine: Due to setting a specific date may not be the best option, I would suggest to keep an eye thru your email.


RubixCubed77: Indefinitely?\


Catherine: Because, this process is no longer in our control for we can only raise the request but not expedite the responses.


RubixCubed77: Okay. Thanks for your time.


Catherine: My pleasure, is there anything else I can help you with?


RubixCubed77: No thank you.


Catherine: Thanks for chatting with Oculus Support.


Catherine: Be safe always.


***Rubixcubed77 left the chat ***


Absolutely Ridiculous!

How do we drive this to resolution?!?!?

Level 3

Well we finally got a refund from oculus after having to provide all the information in proof of delivery again. Worst customer experience I have ever had in my entire life. I am convinced Facebook/oculus makes it as difficult as possible in hopes that people will give up and stop trying.  I will never buy another product directly from oculus. If I ever by any of their products it will be through a retailer with a protection plan. I never want to go through this nightmare again with anybody. I can't wait for the day when somebody else comes out with better technology, product and customer care. I will be one of the first consumers to say adios.