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Host never shows for scheduled Demo Video on Zoom & support can't help


I signed up to do a Demo Video on three quick issues I can't find answers too on the support pages, YouTube or Reddit.  I did this purposely because I purchased a Quest 2 for friends who live in another state and never owned one.  They both have serious medical issues at the moment and have limited time between appointments.   I wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to learn how to use the Quest 2, so scheduled a meeting for them and thought I'd schedule a Zoom meeting myself to see if I could give any tips for the Zoom meeting I scheduled on their behalf with their gift to help make it easier for them.


My scheduled appointment was for 2:30.  I received text reminders and e-mail.  I used the links provided and arrived at 2:23.  I was told to wait for my host to start the meeting.  It is now 3:08 and I still have the same prompt.  I double checked that the time zone listed was the time zone I am in.   I went to Meta chat at 2:45 who told me that he was running over and if I could please wait.  I continued to wait until 3:05 and then gave up and rescheduled. 


My point is this, I have been on the other side of the computer/chat/phone and understand things go over and happen; however, not only did he supposedly go over, but he used the ENTIRE time of my scheduled appointment and still hadn't arrived.  If after a few minutes going into the next appointment he saw this would be a longer issue, he should have told the current person, "I'm sorry, our time is up and I have another appointment waiting.  I want to make sure this issue is solved for you.  Could you please schedule another appointment so we can help you finish correcting this issue."  It is not right for him to continue helping all the way through the next appointment and then go even beyond that into two appointments later!


Also, I would suggest that if a worker is going over, that Meta sends an automated message via text and/or e-mail, just like they do the reminders with the links, stating what is happening so the customer knows what's going on.  There may be a feature even in Zoom itself for the host to send a message to the upcoming meeting stating that they are running late, but will be arriving shortly.  It is very unprofessional for this to happen without someone notifying the customer in some fashion.  If Meta is able to tell us about the meeting and send us reminders so we don't waste their time, they can do the same courtesy for us.


This makes me very sad because I do love the headset and anytime I've needed support the workers are very nice and try to be helpful, but this isn't the first time I've needed help with support and due to no fault of the second person I'm speaking too, the first person either does not get back to me as promised with 2-3 days (10 days can go by and then I'll reach out again) or they don't know what they are talking about and I have to figure it out myself and find an answer that works, but is completely different from what I was told and other things along this line.  If the workers are being asked to do too much or not given the appropriate training, that's on Meta.  If not, then someone needs to monitor occasionally to see what is going on.


Again, I've been on the other side, so I always stay patient, never get mad at the one helping me and always give as much detailed information on the issue as possible.   Things like this shouldn't happen so frequently.  I'd rather wait longer and get an accurate answer than have to continue checking in or being given erroneous information and spend even more time trying to get an issue resolved or question answered.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.