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How Does Somebody Appeal An Account Suspension While They Are Suspended?

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Hey Meta Oculus Community Support readers,

I hope you're all doing well in the virtual reality world! I'm here to share a little story that recently happened to me, and I need your support to address the issue with the decision-makers.

So, picture this: I was happily using my Meta Quest 2 headset, exploring all the amazing apps and experiences it has to offer. But out of the blue, I found myself suspended! Yep, everything was taken away from me, including the apps I hadn't even launched for the first time. Talk about a downer after a great day in the exceedingly rare British summer sun!

Naturally, I rushed to my email inbox to find out what in the blazes had happened. Lo and behold, I received a message from the Meta Team. They claimed my account was suspended for 48 hours due to repeated behaviour that goes against their Code of Conduct and Terms of Service for Virtual Experiences. Fair enough, but here's the kicker: they didn't provide any evidence of my alleged misconduct! No video, no text-based transcript, nothing. Just a vague accusation.

To get some clarification, I clicked on the "Contact Us" link in the email, thinking I could reach out to the sender and find out what exactly I did wrong. But guess what? I had to log in to access the Contact Us webpage. And that's when things got really confusing.

Different devices gave me different messages. On one, it claimed an error occurred, with no details whatsoever about the nature of the error. On another, it bluntly stated that my account was suspended. Seriously, Meta? I'm trying to do the right thing by following your instructions, and you won't even let me speak?

Now, I understand that humour can be a tricky thing, especially when cultural nuances come into play. As a proud British humour enthusiast, I've encountered my fair share of misunderstandings with our friends across the pond. Sarcasm is a fine art, and it's even harder to detect in the virtual world without body language and facial expressions.

All I want is to appeal this suspension and get to the bottom of what I supposedly did wrong. How am I supposed to learn from my mistakes or avoid similar situations in the future if Meta keeps me in the dark? I genuinely love my Meta Quest product, and I believe in providing valuable feedback to improve it. But right now, I feel like I've been left hanging without a proper explanation.

So, my fellow Meta Oculus enthusiasts, what do you think someone should do in a situation like this? How can we appeal a wrongful suspension or gain insight into our supposed misconduct? And why on earth is this suspension affecting other applications that were recommended to me by Oculus?

Let's rally together, share our experiences, and put some pressure on the decision-makers to address these concerns. After all, a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of professionalism can go a long way!

Thanks for your support, and let's keep the Meta Quest community awesome!

Cheers and much love,
Michael (aka ConfusedQuester)


Accepted Solutions

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone. Looks like the topic keeps drifting back towards Facebook despite the original posting being about a Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences violation for their Meta Quest account. I'm going to go ahead and lock this one, since the topic isn't being maintained.

If you need help with your Facebook and Instagram accounts, we won't be able to help as the Meta Quest Support team due to a lack of tools. The team is only able to help with product inquiries, Horizon/Meta account issues, and/or Meta product shipping-related issues. Your best option would be to navigate the Facebook and Instagram Help Centers.

If you're experiencing a displayed message telling you to appeal at, this is an active issue we've already flagged with the correct team to look into. I still recommend subscribing to the main thread to stay informed on any posted updates.

Hey @jessa2016! It seems like you may have an issue regarding a Meta Quest account suspension. I recommend reaching out to @MetaQuestSupport in a PM to see what they're able to do to help!


Technology, at a certain level of sophistication, is indistinguishable from magic. - some wise guy or something probably

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @MikeBeginsHere, we see you have an inquiry about your account being suspended. We know that being unable to access your account out of no where can inconvenience you, and we understand how important it is to get you the answers for the unexpected account suspension. We would love to do our best to help you figure this out!


So that we can ask private account information and look into this for you, can you please PM us?


You can PM us by select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.


We hope to hear from you soon!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Thanks. I’ll DM you now if I can.

Happened to me too, my account has bee suspended since 24th May and still (after my instagram was hacked my meta was flagged as underage... and of course I could not login to appeal as requested in the email notification) I immediately contacted Support but they haven't  found a solution.....😪 its has been almost 2 MONTHS ... I invested a lot of money on app. games, credit and hardware and now I have 3 headset that are useless....  Please @MetaQuestSupport find a solution!

Hey there @MRC_recover_account! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We received your private message, and we would be more than happy to continue looking into this with you there. We understand how you feel, and we assure you we'll do our best to get to the bottom of this with you.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

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I've run into this same situation multiple times. I've been emailing their customer service back and forth for MONTHS and all I ever get back is "so sorry don't break our T&C and you wont have a problem" but nobody can ever tell me what happened. 

Here's a fun situation for you. I'm sitting next to my daughter while she's playing Horizon and a pair of boys come by and start giving everyone a hard time, using foul language and just generally being a pain in the butt. My daughter asks them to stop about a hundred times before she finally says she will report them if they don't stop. Well now I'm here to tell you that before we could do anything our own account was suspended (again) because these boys apparently beat us to the punch and reported my account for god knows what, and Meta refuses to even let me know what we are being suspended for.


Incredibly frustrating when 99% of the community is so great but it really seems like Meta just doesn't care. I would highly recommend anyone considering this platform to look elsewhere, it's a bit of a nightmare. 

Hey there. I am sorry you're going through this experience. Sadly, there really is not much more support could do regarding this. Playing online is not fun most of the time especially if is with kids. (I am a parent myself) I personally would recommend not being online and any social features that provide talking with other people. Also there should be an option to block certain users. 

Regarding the abuse report you should have received a email and you can talk to Horizon Worlds on their discord if you have not I know people have said is helpful! Just because The report came through their end. 

I hope this finds you well and I really hope this never happens to you daughter again. Stay safe! 

We are all mad here.

I have the same issue and i would like to regain access to my account. I have already sent you a PM just waiting for a response so we can resolve this issue. Thank you. @MetaQuestSupport

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Don't know why they suspended my account today for something that happened in 2020 that they suspended me for


I just got the same thing happened to me also my Facebook account is suspended and I can't get any help to get it back up

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