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How can I get replacement controllers?

Level 2

I’ve had my vr for around 2-3 years and around a year ago I started getting stuck drift but It wasn’t that bad. Recently when I tried to use my vr the stick drift made every game very unplayable. Is there a way I can get a replacement controller without having to spend 80$ dollars?


Well, you could pay a lot more than $80 buying from ebay scammers, although most people would try cleaning or replacing the joystick modules first. Googe "Quest stick drift" for suggestions.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@Danthemanbruh Before changing out your modules and making some permanent changes. I'd recommend what @user_901925786032222 said about trying to clean them first. Along with, reaching out to the support team since I'm sure they'll see if there's any options that may be available regardless of warranty status.