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How can i run a game i got on steam without it starting vr?

i have some games i bought, downloaded, and installed. when i start them they launch the steamvr app. i wanna be able to play these games directly on the occulus app and not launch SteamVR. anyone know a way i can do this?

It depends on the game. Some games on steam only support SteamVR, so you can't run them directly. Others give you the option to pick the runtime to use somewhere (like right kick on the game list, or in properties.

There's a program called OpenComposite that is a smaller simpler replacement for SteamVR. You are still stacking one API on top of another, but it hides the fact it's an OpenVR game you are playing and can fix some problems.

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so if use opencomposite does it go oculusapp>steamvr>OpenOVR>budget cuts or oculusapp>OpenOVR>budgetcuts? or something?
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