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How to get a replacement controller?

Level 2

My left controller for my Oculus Quest broke, and I have been coming to the Oculus store for 6 months looking to see when you might have one in stock. How do I get a replacement? 


@Father_Kameron Heyo, the best place for them to check your warranty would be to reach out to them with a support ticket. 


This can be either live chat, email, whatsapp or callback request. You can find these options through this link here.


Just click through the options and an option to create a ticket should pop up! 

I followed this link and found that my Meta login doesn't work, it works for the Meta app store, but not here.


Also, the regular support area of your site ( which I found first via search engine doesn't even support Meta logins, only Facebook ones.


Either way, I can't seem to get a replacement controller with a Meta account. What gives?

Hey there, @Linak9061!


We hear you're having some troubles grabbing a hold our support specialists. Not to worry, we'd love to provide you with another option to  help you get that controller sorted out! When it comes to our support channels, we have vast amounts of avenues to explore.


We see you've tried out main channels, however we even have our Twitter channels for people to reach out to! You can find us by our handles: @MetaQuestVR and @MetaQuestHelp.


There you can be invited to a DM for further help!

Level 2

I don't have a twitter account, do I need to create one to get in contact with you? Maybe email would be better if that's an option.

Thanks @MetaQuestSupport 

Level 3

When i try to put in my serial number for my controller it tells me that im eligible for a replacement but it doesn't let me do any thing to get the replacement.  

Hey there! We see you're encountering an issue with getting a replacement controller and we know that can be frustrating. Let's get you right over to our specialists. That way, we can make sure you're taken care of. Please use this link and you'll be on your way. You can even request a call back!

I used this But every time it tells me (We weren't able to confirm that this product is associated with your account) And i cant do anything after that.


No worries, I'd be glad to give some steps to hit up the team. 


After opening the link, you can tap Software or content. > Other software or content issue. > Then just choose a way for them to contact you. 


You can always add more information to the box also! 🙂 


Let me know if this seems to help

Level 2

My left controller recently "broke" late in October and I don't know how. Any reason why? Nothing's externally broken and I don't exactly have the equipment to check the inside. I practically quit VR because of this and now my headset is collecting dust on a shelf. I do not want that. I still want to be able to play games such as Beat Saber and Gorilla Tag without my left controller flying 10 feet away from me while swinging or freezing while I'm pinch climbing. I forget if I even got a warranty or not. Is there a way I can still get it fixed without a warranty or do I need one? If I do, how do I get one after the headset was bought?