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How to install Oculus App on a different drive AND different folder.

Level 2
So I am currently trying to install my Oculus App on my E drive. 

I do know the command which I have to type in "D:\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive=E". 
The Oculus App starts and wants to install the Oculus App in E:\Oculusapp\ - but this is basically not the directory, I want to install the app in. 

I want to install it in the following path "E:\Programme\Oculusapp\. 
Does anyone know, what I have to type in the Command to get the install folder in the desired path? - Because "D:\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive=E:\Programme" wont work. The program then wants to install it back on C:\Programme\Oculusapp. 

Help is appreciated. 
Cheers, Nalfeyn. 

Level 4

 It's probably a parameter in the binary for the setup (i.e. OculusSetup.exe). I see you are clearly passing one parameter or switch to it (i.e. /drive=E) therefore it might be possible that another parameter such as InstallDir exists. Try checking the installation from a PS or CMD prompt with the /? or --help switches. This may or may not exist, depending on how it was compiled and/or packed.