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How to refund an in-app purchase? (Child bought w/o permission)

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5000 Shiny Rocks 

How do I do this?! It shouldn't be this hard. I bought my son a $40 game, "Population One". I left my debit card info on the account. Well, he noticed and decided he'd buy more stuff without permission. I guess he thought I wouldn't notice, but when you're broke and struggling... You notice. 

Meta store, or Oculus account don't allow  you to submit a refund request on in-app purchases, apparently. There's no option for refunds of unauthorized purchases that I could find anywhere. Just kept going in circles. Can someone please help me figure this out ? Surely it meets guidelines requirements. 







Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@MrLemurDude09 Hey hey, this is quite the issue. Those shiny rocks will get you. 


As for refunding in-app purchases, they aren't really allowed. However, considering the circumstances, I'm sure the team would love to help you out. 


In order to do so, you may want to make a support ticket.


Hope this helps!

Mine did the same thing...20 times back to back.  I have a ticket in to see if they can help.  Over $400 is crushing to our family right now.

Hey there @Jeaux72! We definitely understand how worrisome situations like these can be and we'd be more than happy to look into this further with you! We see that you already have a ticket open with our Support Team and to avoid any confusion or delay of getting this issue resolved, we would advise you to check your inbox for any further correspondence from us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us again in the future for any other questions or concerns that you may have. We are always happy to help! 

Did either of you get any resolution on this? Meta is being relatively unhelpful on the support ticket side thus far... I've asked to have the case escalated, kid was able to ring up over 180$ in a matter of minutes, this is obscene. 

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Did you ever get any resolution? Similar issue here and it seems like Meta is happy to steal money from families... 

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You might need to contact the game developer directly, as suggested in the accepted solution here.

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After being reconsidered or sent to the next level of support my request for a refund was still denied.  Contacted my bank and they are working on it.  My bank has temporarily issued me a credit of the amount and sent me a new debit card.  Our family occulus has been used almost daily since Christmas 2021.  It hasn't been used since the charges and will never again be used.