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How to setup quest2 with my phone?

Level 3

How I understand i need to download app Oculus on a mobile.

I can't found it in google playmarket.

I will try to download this app directly.

Try to install on my phone and get : Parse Error. There was an error parsing the package.

Nothing more.

My android 4.4.4

How to setup my quest2?





Level 3

I'm read this article 

Android 5.0 or older

i'm read this article Whant to ask OCULUS team. What are you do? Thats a total shame! I have my own mobile under android 4.4.4 tablet under android 4.1.1. Hybrid tablet PC under win8 and android 4.1.1
My brother have a mobile under android 4 and something.
4 different device! Some buyed just before COVID19. No one work with Quest2!
No one device older more than 8 years!
I'm looked for new mobile in a shop. So many devices with android 4.4.4 ! NEW devices!