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How to stream from Macbook m1 to Oculus q2

Level 2

I'm looking for a way to stream a 360 video to my Oculus Q2 without the use of a router. 
I'm using the new MacBook Pro m1 and think I found out you can't share internet connection on it for some reason. 
I use SkyBox normally for this, but it requires internet.

Aim is I can have someone else where the VR goggles and start their video from my Macbook and see the footage myself too. 

Any help on this?


Level 2

If anyone runs into my question, it's partly solved by this post I found.

Basically you create a Shared Network on you Mac.. this way you can connect app like SkyBox player.

What I still have not found is a way to actually start and stop and see a video on the Mac, which is playing on de VR at te same time.