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How to use Oculus Quest 2 casting on network without internet

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Hello I would like ask you to help with the wireless casting settings. I would like to use glasses without cable. I wou like to use streaming via wifi. I try several ways but it doesnt work absolutely without internet connection !!! Router with devices connected and streaming is ok when I am on home network with internet. The best way for me is streaming to computer, where I can work efectively with output for other devices (screens, monitors, ...). I dont like sollution like Chromecast ...

Everything works fine, when router is connected to internet. But if I want to do an event somewhere outside where there is no internet connection, the streaming doesn't work, glasses need internet connection. Why ? I need not connect glasses to internet, all apps are inside glasses ! Has streaming any sollution to work without internet ?

I have used this sollution to stream between glasses and devices:
- streaming with mobile app (glasses to mobile phone or tablet, then mirroring to great monitor) - OK with internet, without internet doesnt work
- streaming with Meta Quest Developer Hub to computer - OK with internet, without internet doesnt work

Is there any way stream on local network without internet connection ?



Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@miralip Quite the pickle here, and I'd love to give some insight!

If you're trying to use Air Link or cast to a different device without Wifi it won't be possible. Wifi is how the headset is able to connect to a PC/mobile phone. Without it, the headset doesn't have network capability.

You could possibly use a portable hotspot for outdoors events but I'm not exactly sure how well it will work.

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@TheAntiSocializerMy problem is not wifi availability. All devices are available and ARE connected to wifi router within the same local network. The problem is that if I take the device with the router somewhere where the internet is not available, streaming does not work. In principle Internet is not needed. Why glasses dont work in local network without router external internet connection ? ? Previously, I used a VR BOX solution with a mobile phone for 10 Euros, and using scrcpy we connected the devices in local network. I'm surprised that a device in this price range can't be used in this way for simple streaming in local network! I am quite disappointed with the product.

I also have the same complaint. One of the main things I enjoy doing with the headset is showing off the technology to those who haven't had a chance to experience it yet, it's quite frustrating to try and talk someone through the UI/Game without being able to view what they are seeing.

I thought maybe I could get around this problem by connecting the headset to my phones mobile hotspot but that had no success.

Level 2

Same complaint. We should be able to cast on a LAN with no internet. So stupid.  Why do we need to connect to the WWW????


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Facebook is dying. Meta/ Metaverse is the only plausible way to a future with growth. I get it. Just got a Meta Quest 2. Really cool!

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