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Huge issue with non working PCVR, became even worse after Meta steps

Honored Guest
So I opened a thread here a few weeks ago, which Meta noticed and escalated to a ticket.
They asked for some logs by email and some debug steps that didn't apply to me (see below).
Then for some more logs, then nothing! I contacted at least twice and kept the ticket open, but I am not getting any help and issue is actually WORSE now! Read below:

Since I got Q3, I used it also with PCVR, wirelessly.
My computer is "OK" (Win11, AMD 5800X, 32GB RAM, RTX2070Super etc.), my network is OK (mix of 1 and 10Gbit LAN, WiFi 5GHz 2 meters away).

So... almost a month ago, I initially noticed it with Alyx (that I had already played fine more than half the game), with Virtual Desktop, with SteamVR directly, even with Occulus (or Meta) Desktop... desktop itself streamed fine, but when it loaded the intro of the game (after Valve "head") and right when it tried to render the intro menu... PC crashes. Actually not fully crashed, but black screen, VGA funs speed full. I see the disks getting random access (LED), so something "works" in the background, but only solution is to reset. Sometimes it even rebooted by itself.
Note again, that this same VGA worked fine up to that point. Even a (slow) Flight Simulator 2020 worked.
Then I noticed that it wasn't just Alyx. Any PCVR was the issue.

Note also, that I run stress tests of the VGA card and it doesn't crash. Also PC works more than fine with any non-VR title on my 3440x1440 screen.

I contacted Meta, they raised a ticket, I sent logs, they gave me a completely faulty walkthrough that I followed as closely as I could (I am an IT professional for many years, so I guess I really did correctly what I could)... Their debug script is based on WIRED Link connection which is a problem by itself as I DO NOT have a long cable for that job, nor I ever needed one until that time (even for PCVR). They cannot have a client debut script that is based on a cable that is NOT included in the purchase! (in any case I ordered a cable just in case and waiting for it - but I still want Wireless Link to work as it did before!)

PC is fully updated, VGA is fully updated (but also tried and cleanly downgraded drivers to see if it was their fault) and the problem remains in the last two Meta OS versions at least. SteamVR version I tried newer beta and older version.

After following their script (sans the USB and cable steps), now it is actually worse! Now it crashes EVEN when trying to stream the desktop not just a game!

Meta ticket remains open (and I keep it open when it pops to ask if they can close it) and I am still waiting for further feedback by Meta that is coming, even though I sent them extra logs and the newer news twice.

I don't know what to do.  😞

Honored Guest

So, to close this (with failure).
Issue was never fixed. It actually became worse after the steps that were supposed to fix it.
In the end I couldn't even share desktop to VR.
I also ordered a long Quest Link cable (that I did NOT need) and the issue remained WITH the cable (discarding any possibility of WiFi blame).
The computer itself was perfectly capable of playing very heavy games etc. and was thoroughly stress tested.
It only crashed when trying PCVR (any method).
I remind that, THAT SAME computer worked fine in PCVR in the first month I owned Quest 3.

The issue is now unresolvable, as I changed computer altogether, including fresh OS install.
This "solved" the issue - but of course never on the same computer that had the issue.


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