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I can hear audio come through my Rift from Windows programs and browsers, but not Oculus games.

Level 2
Hey there, just got my Rift yesterday and set it up today. Got everything working very well except for the audio. No matter what I seem to tweak, I can't get the Oculus games I have to actually use the Oculus headphones. My Windows audio settings are set to Rift audio, the Oculus software has Rift Headphones selected, I've tried it with audio mirroring on and off. I tried checking the "hear non-VR apps in VR" box on and off, I've checked the volume of my PC, the volume of the games in my audio mixer and the volume of my audio output in the Oculus software -- all at full volume.

At this point I seem to have run out of ideas. Any input? Thanks!

Level 7
Have you tried running rift audio through other headphones or speakers to see if rift audio will go through them ok? might narrow down where the problem is.
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Be aware only Elite:Dangerous as far as I know is a game which requires manual switching via Desktop next to clock.