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I can't add payment method to my account

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Tried multiple cards, including fiance's card, no luck I always get an
"Error:  There was an error trying to add your payment method." message..



Why would you want to trust Facebook with your bank info anyways. I haven't even tried to add a payment method. I wouldn't dream of paying thru facebook for anything.

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I enjoy VR and would love to support the developers to encourage growth of VR as a whole.  I mostly play PC VR but enjoy my quest 2.  As for your banking info use a credit card not your debit card.  Banks care a lot more about there money then yours.  There’s a awesome speech by Frank Abagail, the man who Catch Me if You Can is based on that goes over it.  Here is a link to just that part of the talk.

Well, after grueling hours of back and forth with the very unhelpfull Facebook support, and several emails going bakck and forth with occulus support (who are a magnitude of 1000 times better btw), and basicly saying the same thing to FB support over and over, it got escalated to a higher level in Occulus support wich stated that Facebook had some sort of lockdown on my account due to "previous suspicious activity on my account" - i kept sending what occulus said to facebook support and after another 4 emails to them with 3 of them being copy-paste bs, i got a "we have noticed some unusual activity on your account and this has now been dealt with."

After that it worked after 15 minutes, now i can buy games although with my current bank i still need to verify whatever i buy throught he email, but finally we got down to the nitty gritty of things.

If i had to do this again, i would immidiatly start with Occulus chat support and see if they can escalate the issue after trying whatever they ask of you to cover all the bases.

Well, you are here so you have probebly supported facebook with some of your money at some point, and to answer the question: i rather take my chanse with a super large company under heavy scrutiny always over some shady small company, besides, anything i buy needs to be verified by a code from me so its incredibly hard to abuse my card as you cant simply make any order on it without my input.



 I can’t add my paypal account without it saying this does anyone know how to solve this?

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Oculus support finally fixed my issue! The only way is to contact them and don't give up, eventually, someone there will know what to do. But the first agents didn't help, I had to insist for about 5 weeks.

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Looks like it's my time to join you all in endless frustration, people! I am the proud owner of a USELESS 350 euros brick sitting in my bedroom. Amazing, I know. I tried to buy the headset on the Oculus website, my order was cancelled for some reason so I just used Amazon instead, and every single attempt to add a payment option has failed. I've contacted support and done everything they offered, still no luck. I'm starting to consider returning this thing and just waiting to buy a Vive for Christmas at this rate.

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I am also getting this issue, iv contacted support on the 17th, still no fix yet. I also initially tried to order my oculus from the website but it was cancelled without reason. Thus I decided to buy it from amazon. But now I cant buy any apps or games from the Oculus app store.....luckily i bought a link cable so I have been mainly using it for steam vr! but it does leave me wary of recommending or buying future products from Facebook or ( meta ) whatever they call themselves... il post if or when I get this resolved 

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Ok an update: not long after I sent this post I had another email asking for the error details which I posted, along with a screen capture of what CoCromwell  said in his post. I explained to them that I feel like this is the same issue for me. As of 10 mins ago, support came back to me to say that the issue has been fixed and I can now make payments. I just tested and I can confirm its now fixed. If anyone is having issues, it might be worth sharing this thread in your support case to help speed things along ! hope this helps anyone struggling to get this resolved. 🙂  

jefrank15 .. Plz respond .. 
Dude, WHERE did you change the username and email?? .. 
On device? Ipad app? Android app? Computer? Website? ..
Need a tiny bit of info and then maybe I can update support that this is actually solved, so they stop ignoring our support requests and start telling people how to fix it, so they can actually finally use their $500+ paperweight!

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