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I can't connect my phone to oculus quest 2

Level 3

I factory reseted my headset because all my applications disappeared. But when on the basic setup im trying to connect my phone through the oculus application it says «Software needs to be updated

To use the Meta account and avoid

resetting the settings, update the device software to

the latest version. For a successful update

, connect the device to a power source and

a Wi-Fi network.» I stuck at phone connection stage and i don't know how to update to the latest version without finishing basic setup




Community Manager
Community Manager

Good howdy there, friend!


Well we most certainly can't have you experiencing such things with your mobile app, causing some waves to rock your boat. However, we do want to let you know that this an ongoing issue that our engineers are working diligently on, trying to stay above the waterline. However this doesn't mean we cant provide some helpful insight in hopes of getting rid of this little predicament and get you swimming along! Would you kindly perform the following:


  • Sign out of the app
  • Uninstall the app and leave sitting for 5 minutes
  • Reinstall the app and leave sitting for a couple minutes
  • Sin back into the app and try to pair again

As well, if that didn't prove any fruitful results, try the above steps but with the following:


  • Sign out of the headset
  • hard reboot headset (hold power button down for 30-40 seconds)
  • Once headset is turned back on , sign back in


However, if the above doesn't seem to work, you are always more than welcome to dive into our main support channel here: and one of our most awesome agents can diver a little further into the deep and be sure to get you floating properly again!

Thank you for your answer. But nothing of this doesn't help. I tried to sign off and then sign up a lot of times. I factory reseted again and again but still nothing...

I don't know what version of software is installed on my Oculus Quest 2. Is there any way to update the software without pairing mobile phone?