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I ended up getting bonelabs but it was not showing up anywhere not even my payment history

Level 2

I found out what my pin was and bought bonelabs, but it did not end up showing up anywhere and I kinda got scammed out of 40 bucks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @TDmonkeyXD.  After a quick look at your account you definitely have Bonelab in your digital transactions.

We recommend logging in and out of your Oculus account, then power cycling your headset to refresh the app library.

Make sure you're connected to a strong wi-fi signal as well.


If the game is still missing from your library, try looking through the mobile app or PC app. If the game can be found there, try launching it. 

Please see this article for help Finding content you've downloaded for your Oculus device


If you're still experiencing difficulty please reach out to us through DM by going to our profile page and clicking Send A Message. 

Please note that you must be signed into the community to do so.