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I have a Meta 2 and Meta 3 and unable to multiplayer with any games

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I have a Meta 2 and purchased a Meta 3 for the wife.  the Meta 2 has my account and the Meta 3 is her account.  I can invite her into a group but unable to play any game together.  With app share enabled on the Meta 2 we are unable to multi player any game Beat Saber especially.  Frustration level is at 120% and could really use some help in getting these headsets to multiplayer games between them for the family.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated



I hate being the one to tell you that🙁.... but for playing multiplayer most games requires that every person has his own game.
It's not possible if you only share the game. With an shared app the other person can have his own progress and scores in the game, but can't play against/with the person who shared it.

Another point you have to consider.... only the game will be shared, but the DLCs - pretty important in beat saber - won' be shared.
And your wife can't buy any DLCs as long as she not own the game by herself.

Hey there @kister.2022! App sharing is a fun way to have your friends experience some of the same VR games that you enjoy. Just to clarify what @Choleni said, how the app sharing feature works is an admin account can only share apps on one device, and some of the features on those shared apps/games are not all available to the additional device the apps are being shared on. This is because technically the additional device doesn't own the app/game and they're just getting to experience the game not the whole functionality of the app/game as they would if they owned the app/ game themselves. Check it out here for a bit more details on how App Sharing with Meta Quest Headsets work. Let us know if this helps provide that clear clarification for you. 

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Hey there @kister.2022! We just wanted to check in with you, to see if we were able to clarify app sharing for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're always here to help! 

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