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I have spent $1200 on oculus devices and games, they are bricked for no reason

I purchased an oculus quest a few years ago, i purchased a quest 2 the day it came out. My facebook has been banned (I have posted on facebook 3 times in a year - this is not me doing something to "deserve" being banned. I sent in my Drivers license and they replied that I am "ineligible for a facebook account" despite me having had this facebook account for something like 12 years. I have never been suspended or warned about anything, ever. To clear up any attempts to insinuate this is justified.


I then tried the full appeal form where I once again submit my driver's license but am then permitted to type in and question the ban. This form does not submit, when you fill out the form it simply opens a popup that says "due to covid-19 we do not have enough reviewers to look at your appeal" so it is 100% impossible to appeal the bricking of my devices.


I see that tons of people have this problem, and I see that the same guy replies to all of them telling people to appeal the ban.. but the appeal form does not allow you to appeal the ban. The solution listed on all of this is completely disabled by facebook. There is no appeal process whatsoever that you can submit right now. I need someone to fix this with a real solution before i start sending certified letters in preparation of a lawsuit



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ryan! Our Meta Quest Support team is happy to take a look into what options are available to restore access to your games. While they can't help restore Facebook accounts, they do have some tools that may get you back into VR. You can contact the team directly here.

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