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I need help getting my games back my facebook got permanently deleted

Level 2

My Facebook got hacked by someone and its logged me our of oculus I could not retrieve my account back I need help my account name is hwcc08 and email is 

If you can't transfer games please refund my the money I spent over 100 pounds on the headset


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We appreciate you reaching out regarding this issue and want to let you know we recommend getting in contact with our Meta Store Support. We know the time this is taking away from being able to enjoy your VR world and get connected with friends. One of our awesome agents will be able to get you the help you need and deserve through a live chat or even scheduling a call! For future reference we do recommend to not provide you're email just for privacy purposes as we want your account to be safe. 


As for the time being we can't transfer games from one account to another but we can assure you our specialist will get you back on track! Please click here to get connected with them!