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I need some tips on UDK

Level 2
I know this would probably be better on the Epic Games forums, but what I am trying to do is different than most UDK developers, and I think Oculus developers would have a better understanding.

I am totally new to UDK, have developed a lot with Unity and find it quite simple to use. But I don't plan on spending $1500 to get the Pro version for something that will most probably remain a hobby for me. So for the last few weeks I have been playing with UDK. I have followed quite a few tutorials but I am struggling and am not sure if I am going about this the right way at all. I am hoping some experienced UDK developers may be able to advise me.

I have integrated the razer hydra into UDK with some help from code samples Cymatic Bruce posted on his blog. I have no real understanding of the UDK pawn, and wasn't concerned about the players model at the moment so I used a couple of Actors with cube static meshes to represent my hands. These have NotifyRigidBodyCollision, BlockActors and CollideActors set true so I can tell when I am touching something.

When I start UDK I have my pawn spawn the 2 hands, and then I set the pawn as the hands base. Then I access the hydra data, calibrate the offsets and then have the hands positioned in front of the pawn. I can walk around and my hands are represented quite well and can move and rotate them in front of my pawn using the hydra data. I also use the SkelControl_CCD_IK to move the models hands around as well and they are pretty close to the cubes.

Next was to interact with objects. I made a rubber ball using a KActor set all of the physics and placed it in the world. Now I can move my hands, touch the ball and it moves. Touch and press the bumper button on the hydra and I can grab the ball by setting the hand as the balls base. Then I can throw the ball and it bounces around. Works well.

Next I wanted to make a simple weapon that I can pick up and shoot balls with. I don't think UDK weapons would work the way I want, I want them to be physical objects in the world, so I made a KAsset using the JazzGun skeletalmesh. I placed this in the world, can go up to it, touch it with the hands and I get the RigidBodyCollision event firing when I touch it. I can nudge it with my hands, but when I set one of the hands as it's base it does not move with the hand. And I have spent way too long trying to get this to work.

Hence my post, starting from scratch, what would be the best way to get a UDK pawn to use it's hands to touch and pick up physical Actors in the world? I plan on having a belt or something on my pawn so I can attach objects to the belt as the 'inventory'. I want to add as much realism as possible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Level 4
Sorry, did you find an answer to your question elsewhere?
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Level 2
Not yet, I moved onto other parts of my project. UDK has quite a steep learning curve but I will stick at it for now.

Level 3
I suspect you might not be able to attach the KAsset if it's got PHYS_RigidBody. It should give you a warning in the log when it attempts to do the attachment, type "showlog" in the console to bring it up.

Also, if it helps, I've posted up the source code for my UDK demo which uses the Hydra;

Level 2
Thanks for the tips and sharing your source code. I ended up going back to Unity for now as I find it much easier to write scripts for.