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I've been having ALL. TYPES OF ERRORS OCCURING to my Rift s

Level 2

I've had my rift s for about a year now (maybe more), and a few months ago it started having problems, but fixable problems like the infamous display port, but it has increase rapidly, and I am sure I've had ALL types of errors (except audio, which is very surprising), like tracking, snow/static, black screen, gray screens, red lights, guardian, hands stuck in one place, and other really weird unexplainable stuff, there was this one time I was just normally playing Pavlov when I was just randomly shrunk 100x times, as if I was 1 cm tall, there was also a gray box stuck in the middle of the screen. Sometimes when I take the headset off it completely stops working and turns into a black screen with the red light. Whenever I try to use SteamVr the same thing occurs. And I have tried EVERYTHING, reinstalling everything, repairing, fixing it physically, unpluging and pluging it in, updating drivers, different ports and nothing works. Sometimes it works, but its very rare and usually another error occurs later on.

I just simply do not know what to do anymore. Help.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know how troublesome having one type of error on your Rift S can be, but all types of errors?? We commend you for listing every issue, and for mentioning all the troubleshooting you've attempted! With that being said, we highly suggest you go here and submit a support ticket so our Team can get you taken care of and back in the game!