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I was banned on Gorilla Tag

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My kid got indefinitely banned from gorilla tag because someone thought she cheated with a mod or hack. Believe me when I say this isn’t true she wouldn’t have the 1st idea how to do this. Can someone help me get the account unbanned?


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Hi @drizzymoney73647 and @kingdrake.257145, welcome to the Community Forums.

If this ban was from within Gorilla Tag, and not from your Meta account, we're unable to assist as this decision is up to the game developers. I would give an attempt with their Support Team to see if they're able to appeal the ban or see if it may have been a mistake.

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If you go to and click support and then ban appeal, sign in with your account, type your email, and why you should get unbanned they will respond with yes you got unbanned or rejected. I got banned and still am for a week. 

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Community Manager

Hey there! Wrestling with bans of any type is no fun at all! That is going to be connected to the app itself, so you'll want to make contact with the Gorilla Tag devs by following this link. They'll be able to look into the situation and help you unban that account if possible. We appreciate you reaching out and hope to see you all back in Gorilla Tag soon!

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Yeah my son was just banned for 10 days for hacking which is 100% wrong. Not sure how and why this happened. How did you make out with resolving your daughters issue?

We’ve been dealing with the same thing. My child has been going in and out of bans on this game. He finally got done with a ban to log back in after dinner to see an 8 week ban, for no reason. I went onto their discord group to appeal the ban and got dog pilled on by the community and moderators and then banned from their discord. This game has a huge problem and I saw it trying to help my child in their community discord. 


Yes it’s a mess. My son got banned for no real reason. He has no way to even get mods it’s a stand alone headset. Yet he was banned which in return for my daughter banned cause it’s a ip ban. They really need to fix that. I have so much money on that game in cosmetic

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Ok,as a person whose been banned for legitimately hacking i have to ask. Do you have a PC even CAPABLE of VR?? if not u can appeal ur ban on their discord.

No all I have it a hp laptop that can’t push fortnite. They said he was using mods but there’s no way. I don’t even have discord or how to work it lol. They should be unbanned soon though. Just sucks both were banned cause of one person. I didn’t even know ip ban was a thing lol. I’m old I guess

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I got banned for cheating and just got unbanned because I got appeled

how long did it take for u to get unbanned?

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