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I was on oculusfactoryusa

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So I was on the website oculusfactory USA I can’t see a tracking number yet and it’s not connected to this account it was connected to a guest account could an oculus employee help me track my product?


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General Information for you:  The only legitimate Oculus website is .   (I guess that also works.)  There are many websites with the name "oculus" in them that are not related to Oculus.  It is not a good idea to visit or do business with these other websites.


See the thread Beware of scams for more information on scam sites. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Oculusfactoryusa is a scam site. Get in contact with your bank as soon as possible to try to cancel payment. and are the only two addresses used by Oculus. Everything else is potentially a scam. 


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