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I wnat to become a developer

Level 2
I'm highschool student, and I want to develop oculus VR. but I lack my knowldge so I want to read some books or papers about it. but I don't know what to read about it and I want you to give some advices, books, or papers about it. It's Okay to give books, or papers about basic knowledge about its sensor, etc..

I'm not telling that I want to develop oculus now, I want to develop it later when I'm a university.
so any basic knowledges are fine with me.

Level 2

You could start off by reading the "Oculus Best Practices", the "Oculus Getting Started Guide" and then the "Oculus Developer Guide" here.

Once you've read these I think what you should read next depends on how you want to use the Rift (what environment/engine/programming language).

Level 15
I'd definitely take a look at either Unity or Unreal Engine. Both are free to download and play around with.
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Level 4
Depends on what you want to focus on. Hardware, software, application (game) development?

I would research the underlying tech though no matter what field you want to study. A great place would be to look up the oculus vr videos on youtube and watch all of them.
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Level 3
Becoming a developer is hard work, especially if you want to do everything yourself. There are some really cool games released by a single person, but generally there isn't enough time in the day to study programming, level deisgn, 3D modeling, animation, texturing, sound design, etc. You're better off figuring out what specific aspect of game development interests you the most and focusing your studies on that. Then you can find a group of like-minded people at your university or here on the forums that have the skills you lack to make your idea a reality. We would have a much easier time assisting you with resources if we had some idea of what you were trying to do, even if you only know the broad strokes such as whether you want to be an artist or a programmer.

Level 2
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