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IOS App Landscape Rotation not Working

Level 2

Hopefully someone here can help if they have dealt with this or maybe just missed a tutorial somewhere or something. Every time I cast from my Quest 2 to my iPhone the casting feed is always in portrait. Is there any way to force the cast feed to be in landscape?


I have tried reaching out to quest support and basically just told me to turn it off and on again which obviously didn’t work. 

Any help is much appreciated as I’m very frustrated only seeing a small portion of the FOV. 


Accepted Solutions

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey! Thanks to everyone for contributing to this thread. Happy to hear that most of you have been able to get this working right!

@Kingslayer_6009 and @gethcity were able to provide some really helpful workaround steps, and I'll go ahead and share my own version of them here for anyone else having this issue:

  • Make sure your headset and mobile device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Place your mobile device in landscape mode, and make sure the rotation lock is turned off.

  • Go back into your Quest headset to begin casting to your mobile device.

  • The mobile app should now show a prompt asking permission to start casting, so click on "Start Casting"! With this step you should see cast start in landscape mode.


If you're still having trouble rotating and casting properly, the first thing I'd suggest is making sure you are no longer on the PTC if you were. You can remove yourself from the PTC using the steps here, but please keep in mind that it won't take effect until the next update. 

And if you're still having trouble, I'd say your next best step is going to be submitting a bug report on the mobile app!

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Level 2

I have the same issue

Level 3

Me too. Very annoying because I can't use the augmented reality record mode in portrait. Can't find any additional information anywhere about this. Sometimes when I'm in the 'cast' screen (before starting the cast) it will switch to landscape but immediately back to portrait. Tried uninstalling app, re-connecting, locking iPhone rotation etc. It seems Oculus just says 'factory reset the headset' but this is always an easy way out for support and a lot of hassle for the user: re-downloading apps, loss of data etc. Come on, there has to be a fix for this? It looks like a bug in the Oculus app..

Level 2

I am having the same issue. Can’t rotate casting to landscape mode from iPhone.

Level 2

I accidentally did it by clicking the “center”-text button, it popped up a small check window (modal) and when it was active I could change to landscape. 

But it only worked once. The modal never comes up again. 

Level 2



Same issue here. More of that landscape mode doesn’t work even with full screen video at store.

Level 3

I FOUND THE SOLUTION! First, turn off rotation lock is on. Next, while casting rotate your phone to landscape. Then press "reset guardian" on the phone. Press cancel and it flips!

Do what i said in a message here.

Same here.. after the first time did not came back again 

Hey everyone!

iPhone's can rotate so you can see apps in portrait or landscape mode. Just note some apps don't support rotation, so your screen might not rotate even if Portrait Orientation Lock isn't turned on. 

Here's how to rotate the screen on a Iphone with no Home button:

  1. Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to open Control Center
  2. Tap the Portrait Orientation Lock button (a lock with an arrow circling around it) 
     to make sure that it's off.
  3. Turn your iPhone sideways.

You can always contact Apple Support if you need further assistance with this issue.

Hope this helps!

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