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Images pixelated in file viewer.

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I have rendered several 360 panorama's in Twinmotion at 16k resolution, yet when viewed in file viewed on our Quest 2 they are crazy blurry. its not IPD or anything like that because other application are clear. Typically we just show clients these spaces with the Link in office, but we are going on site so we wanted to load them directly on the Quest. Thoughts? 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @rowearchvr , virtual tours in VR are a really brilliant way to show your clients what your business has to offer, so I can definitely understand wanting to make sure the experience is crisp and clear! Quality can sometimes drop in images since the image you're looking at is essentially being magnified through the lenses you're looking through on the headset so the pixels may look a little bigger as opposed to viewing the same image from the source location.  Some pixilation can be expected, but the blurriness definitely shouldn't be an issue. Try adjusting the headset straps and lenses using the steps here. Hopefully that does the trick, but maybe someone else from the community that has used Twinmotion can chime in with what's worked for them!

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I have the same problem. The file viewer used to be very user friendly.

Now it's just making my 360 pictures blurry, it's saying something about "not synchronized" and if I want to leave the 360 view, it says: do you want to end the video? While I'm not watching a video but I'm trying to just look at a 360 picture.

How did this get so un-userfriendly??? For what reason? Even this site is kind of a hastle to handle.

Facebook is such a mess

Guess I'll just have to use a third party app to simply view 360 files on my quest 2 now 🙄

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I am experiencing this all of the sudden too after updating the Oculus Quest 2 yesterday. After the update, viewing our 3D 360 Panorama images using the Meta Quest TV app became blurry or low-res when they were perfectly crisp and sharp before that update. 

Hey there! We know having blurry apps can lessen your experience. We are happy to look into this with you, though we do have some questions.


  • Does this happen only with the Meta Quest TV app?
  • does this happen immediately or after using the device for a while?
  • what troubleshooting steps (if any) have your tried so far?

Looking forward to hearing back from you so we can get to the bottom of this!

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Hi, yes happy to answer:

  • It is only happening in the Meta Quest TV app with 3D Pano's I have loaded to my gallery. Everything else in the headset looks sharp. The images are 8192x8192 pixels.
  • It happens immediately
  • I've only tried restarting and re-updating the headset. I'm not sure what else to try?

Is there another app I can use in the meantime to open these 3D Pano's? I have a presentation tomorrow.

Or can I reset the headset back to whatever state it was in before since it was working fine prior to updating?




Thanks for getting back to us with this information. With this only happening within the specific app and no others we would recommend using the report an issue within the headset. This can help ensure the information reaches the proper team to be reviewed further. With the version of the headset it would not be possible to rollback to another version. We appreciate your patience and have a great day!

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I definitely don't think it's an issue with the headset. I've seen a number of forums with people discussing the same issue with the Meta Quest TV app. Surely there is another 3D Panorama viewer, even if it's a paid app?

Within the app store there are some other applications, and also ensure the app is up to date. We would recommend checking through the other applications which have the same specifications that you may be looking for. With this happening only within the app using the report option would ensure the information reaches the proper team so that it may be reviewed further. Have a great day!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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