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Intense Intermittent Stuttering on AirLink after Newest PC App Update


As the subject suggests, after the latest update to the Meta Quest App (Previously Oculus PC App) I've been experiencing extreme stuttering issues when connecting over AirLink with my Quest 2. It will run normally at 200 Mb/s bitrate for ~20 seconds. Then, if monitoring the network performance via Task Manager, you can see the performance grind down to =<30 Mb/s for around 5-10 seconds, and go back to normal. As a disclaimer, I do have a mesh network, but my desktop is connected via ethernet to that satellite and there is only one device in this room that connects to the WiFi, but I've tested it being both off and on with no change. From what I've been able to monitor in task manager, the only application taking network nosedives IS the Meta Quest App. I've rarely ever had issues that the following wasn't able to resolve, but now that I've tried it all I'm stuck:

  • Restart Quest 2
  • Restart PC
  • Restart Meta Quest App
  • Restart mesh point
  • Restart whole network
  • Reinstall Meta Quest App (including deleting all subsidiary Program Files folders beforehand)
  • Updating Nvidia graphics drivers

I recognize that AirLink is unstable over mesh topologies, but it was running beautifully up until this newest update. I'll continue to fiddle with my network to see if there's more I can do to fix this, but any additional assistance/advice is more than welcome.`


Accepted Solutions

Okay, after reseating all my LAN cables and power cycling my switch, things are finally stable!

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I will also note that the OVRServer process is an exception in Windows Firewall, as well.

Okay, after reseating all my LAN cables and power cycling my switch, things are finally stable!

Hey there! Awesome post in this experience and we appreciate the details provided for the community already! I am glad everything is solved for you!

We are all mad here.
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