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Is Profile & Account the same?


Hello, Newbie & Old Lady here. I want to share my experience with a teenager, we went through the process of adding an account, I see it on my app called "profile" on my Oculus 2 I click "switch accounts" and she's not there?

Help! lol... can I make her an Oculus account? 

Can I make her an Oculus account? 

Please advise.  

I have tried to search every where...

Grateful for any help. 

Thank yall! 



Hi @Memaw65 🙂

first, if not already done, you have to create a account for the teen.

After that you can add the account to your headset.

Go to settings - picture says Konto instead of account, I'm German


then click on add account in the upper right corner.

HERE can you look for the steps needed to add an account.

Hope this helps

Greetings from another Old Lady 😂


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there, @Memaw65! For setting up a new account, I recommend checking out the following article: Set up a Meta account on Meta Quest! Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions! 😊

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Thank yall so much. I have been trying to switch the account over to her profile,which she named Alfred! lol..anyway. I learned how to take you can see it says accounts and on my headset in that area it says just me...I don't know should I start over? 

Thank you for all your help. 







 Sorey..This is all I got...


The very last picture you've postet.....that's where you have to click on "add account" in the upper right corner.

The photo above shows where I added it? But when I click it - no change.

So, Profile and Accounts are the same? 

I feel like deleting it and starting all over, I just wish there was like a 'guest account' option.  Easy Pessy! 

And why do they have account and profile? They are the same correct? 

No good deed goes



I deleted the profile for some reason it showed up on my FB page. Then I made another with my FB,I made that in my headset and seen it on my app..but wasn't able to click and change accounts.  I give up. Thanks for all your help. Maybe my 8 year old granddaughter will do it

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