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Is Quest pro passthrough also getting updated like the Quest 3?


Can someone explain to me as to why the Quest Pro has been left out of the passthrough improvements that the quest 3 is getting..? (I have both headsets) I very much doubt that it is to do with the Q3 sensor as these improvements have been to the contrast and hand tracking, surely with a bit of tweaking these can be made to run on the Quest Pro, it feels as if all development for the Quest Pro has STOPPED DEAD! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @M0RIATY, we’re just dropping in to see if we shed some light to your questions about the passthrough capability for Quest Pro. Could you clarify if you are able to use the passthrough feature on your Quest Pro? Is the Quest Pro on the most recent V66 software? We're looking forward to speaking with you soon. Have a legendary rest of your day!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @M0RIATY. Just chaecking back in with you. We previously mentioned the v66 software update that came out as of recent. We also recemmend staying to date on our releases in the future for Quest Pro improvements by refrencing the link here. If you'd like some suggestions on how to improve the current passtorugh on your Quest Pro, take a look at the following link here. If you've got any questions, we're here to assist. Thanks for your pateince while we are still making leaps an bounds to improve passthrogh and other features for you and all of our Quest users. We hope this was helpful and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

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Yes I'm on V66 and yes I can use the passthrough sort of!! The whites are over saturated and screens are a total white out, distortion when you move your hands is terrible, why has there been no improvement with the quest pro like with the quest 3 even if not a good as the quest 3, but there has been no passthrough improvements for over 6 months with the quest pro, hence my post about not being developed for anymore.  

Thank you so much for reaching back out! We understand how important a clear image is to the VR experience. We are always striving to improve our products, so we want to make sure that your voice is heard on this. We recommend that you post your feedback about the Quest Pro Passthrough on our Ideas board. While posts there are not guaranteed to get a reply, our community is able to contribute to the discussion and rally support! 


If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

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In other words **bleep** off were not interested in last years product and the people that paid a lot of money that help develop the latest product. At least be sodding honest with us for **bleep** sake!

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