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Is it me or is Oculus TV broken ?

Level 4

It seems when you watch a VR video now from any category the player stays on in front of you and you have to use the right Oculus button to remove it totally ?
before you could press the right trigger and pause or forward etc.


I think Oculus Support is a bot - they seem to say variations of the same thing (uninstall/re-install - reboot).  Either that or it's someone simply reading out of a canned response booklet.

Totally agree!  We will see if the trouble ticket I filed gets any response.  Oculus TV already has a low rating, but I found it useful until the latest update.  


I found the Pigasus VR Media Player a suitable replacement. You can skip forward and back at user customized intervals using the right joystick.

Oh im sure its a Bot .. Hence my sarcasm in my reply to it 😁

Level 4

Seems this has been fixed with a small Oculus TV update today 


Yes!  I let it update and it is back to the way it was. 
Don't fix things that aren't broken 🙂

Yep, I am seeing the same.  Now the bot should tell us it was fixed and thank everyone for the big info.  Lol


LMAO ... Brilliant 🙂

Level 2

This issue is back and needs to be fixed. 

This issue is back. Please fix it.