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Is it normal to have my quest 3 passthrough going like this?


It is so blurry that I can barely see nothing not to mention reading the text. 



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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! The engineering team has been reading feedback and doing some testing on this topic. We've found that the most common cause of any passthrough noise or unexpected quality is due to the amount of lighting in the room. To get the best experience with passthrough, check out our article here.


The team is still interested in everyone's feedback and will continue to analyze passthrough performance.

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Mine is the same. I can hardly tell a difference between quest 2 and quest 3 passthrough, other than color of course.

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Yeah I'm not impressed with the passthrough... its nowhere as clear as the youtuber presentations.... unless 50% of people have fualty units.... There is a reddit forum starting to blow up about the terrible passthrough quality.... it's not looking good for the quest 3.... whenits main sales pitch was mixed reality....


Yes it is very very bad ! Can’t read anything. VR text are clear. So I feel like it is not screen resolution. It is only the pass through mode which is casting the camera images on screen that is blurry. 



It's got more distortion than I would have liked, considering it has front facing cameras at average IPD (not diagonal far apart cameras that must be reprojected). Looking at my phone it did a pincushion effect (pinching in) to it. But I could read it, I was doing the phone setup part while wearing the headset.

Also some white balance issues under my fluorescent light (would turn yellow-ish and back).

It's way clearer than my Rift-S, Quest 1 or Quest 2.

I should get out my Zed Mini (add-on AR cameras for VR headset colour passthrough) and do a quality comparison.

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I'd definitely say that it's much better than that of the Quest 2 passthrough that is very difficult to make anything out. I only found myself having to lean forward just slightly more to read the screens on my computer monitors.

Before the 3, I already had my displays set to 30% brightness to help for longer work sessions to lessen eye strain so maybe that's helping my setup to be a bit more ideal for passthrough readability as well.

It's a thousand times better than the Quest 2 and much better than the Quest Pro.

Scientifically measured by my eyes.

edit: but yes, I was hoping for better

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I have the same issue, can barely read my phone.  Definitely the menus and games are fine. I'm hoping Meta says something to announce a software fix, otherwise I'm going assuming it's hardware and I'm exchanging mine.

Hi @RuBuCa what will you exchange it for?  I have a Quest Pro and Vive XR Elite in front of me and I assure you the Quest 3 passthrough is the clearest - I think you'd have to go Varjo to get better.

Is it reading phones and your PC monitors that you are specifically after?  For me and my colleagues - being able to see our monitors without lifting the headset will be a great help.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

I hope it's a software issue. Here's a photo from Reddit, Quest Pro VS Quest 3. Many users are shocked at the horrible passthrough videos quality. Although I have to say that everything else looks great.


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