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Is the Nvidia RTX A2000 supported with Quest Link?

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We are considering buying a laptop with an Nvidia RTX A2000. To use with the quest 2?
The supported list includes NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series (all). Does the A2000 fall within the 20-series??



Heroic Explorer

I mean yeah the A2000 is an ampere GPU but it performs worse than a 3050 mobile in games and also does not have nearly enough VRAM for VR resolutions

Honored Guest

It's not currently supported (I've got a Dell Precision 5560 with A2000 here). Oculus said they are working on it, but no ETA.

Any update to this? The A2000 is almost available to the public on various retail channels.

Nearing Q4 and A2000 (Laptop) is still officially not supported on my Precision 5560:
However, it works properly using Quest / Quest 2 in Link mode (via SteamVR) to connect as tethered Rift device in Unity to develop VR.
It might not be reported as compatible, however, it performs well at least on Quest in Link mode for Unity work.
Not sure it'll perform as well in GPU intensive games (ie. the Forest & the likes).


Hi Team - Any update on this? The Dell precision series comes with the A2000.  Is there any roadmap for this? Does anybody have a workaround? 



Hi NicMaq,

Well it is not blocking in the sense that Unity & SteamVR games work properly. The SteamVR perf check is even "good enough" for this GPU.

It's just not officially supported and returns this message.

I'd honestly also love to see that message go as it's unclear about what functions are not supported - a pro / CAD laptop of that generation should be recognized as 100% compatible.

Hey @Dercetech, we love it when the community works together to make the best use of the Meta devices. In light of this, we thought it would be helpful to include some information for anyone considering using PCVR. For some reference you can find specifications on compatibility details here.

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Hi Dercetech - Thanks for the reply. I did the install of Oculus, then launch SteamVR but in the headset, I still get the "remove your headset and go finalize the setup on your computer." But, on the computer I have the error message: "Graphic card not compatible". I can't do anything. Tried to remove and re-install. 

Any clues?



I think I have to enable all sources. But I can't find a way to access this option.


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