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Issue trying to redeem Beat Saber

Level 2

I recently purchased a new Oculus Quest 2 system.  I created my online account.  I received an email with the Beat Saber redemption link.  I clicked on the link and I continually get an "unable to load try again later error message".  I've done that now for three to four days and still get this error message.  Please help me so I can download my free copy of Beat Saber.  Thank you.   


Level 3

Hi how did you resolve this please as I am having the same problem? 

Level 2

Am also having the same problem. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled, log out then back in, and verified everything is connected to the WiFi and it still does not work.

I am having the same problem, and need to redeem before the expiration date.

Level 2

It's a browser issue. Copy the url and paste it into Chrome. That's whT worked for me.

After reading your post, I used firefox on my computer and IT WORKED. Thank you!! It doesn't work on my phone which is what I've been trying this whole time. To me its not a browser issue but a device issue.

Managed to resolve the problem. Try going on the bell notification icon on the actual headset then it should be on there I selected it and it downloaded that way. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Sabrina.05096! Just checking in to see if you were able to redeem your Beat Saber? And just like our awesome community has mentioned a few steps to redeem this we were wondering if it helped? We want to make sure you're getting your full VR experience and would be waiting for a update! 


As for anyone else having this issue just like a few of our community have mention please use copy and paste your link to a browser and please make sure to check your notifications as listed in the link here! However, if this issue persist even after the following steps provided by the community and our article please get connected with our Meta Store Support! 


That way one of our wonderful agents can get you back on track and playing your free Beat Saber! Please click here to get connected with a live chat or even scheduling a call!  We hope everyone is having a good week! 


Level 7

Here are some things you can try:

  • In your Quest 2 headset, open the menu and check the notifications (bell icon). That's what worked for me.
  • In your Quest 2 headset, look for Beat Saber in your Apps library (by filtering for "Not Installed" in the upper right dropdown), or search for it in the Store. Click to open its page, then click the button that says "Get".
  • You can also find more info here.
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Hello!  I purchased an Oculus 2 headset in November of this year and tried to redeem the free Beat Saber app promotion, but the redemption email went to my junk e-mail box.  Now that I have found the redemption email, it appears to be expired.  How can I redeem this offer for the free Beat Saber before the promotion ends on 12/31?  Thanks