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Issue with Oculus Remote Desktop after update to Meta Quest Remote Desktop

Level 5

Remote desktop hangs after the most recent update of Oculus Remote Desktop to Meta Quest Remote Desktop.


On Mac OS, the remote desktop doesn't even start properly it continues to hang, crash then restart over and over. 


Uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting doesn't resolve the issue.   


Reports from Meta Quest on Twitter DMs mention there's some sort of issue that's being resolved and to check here in the forums for updates but I'm not seeing anything. 




Others in the Horizon Workrooms Community are also reporting similar issues with the Remote Desktop app not loading. 


Please let us know the status and/or if we should just roll back to the previous version.  Windows 11 users have reported it working well but all versions of Mac OS are having issues. 





Accepted Solutions

Level 5

Good news!


It looks like a new update is rolling out for Mac Os Ventura that fixes this issue!


Check for updates to Ventura 13 Public Beta 5 


After installing this, the Meta Quest Remote Desktop will install correctly. 


Looking forward to next Friday and the Horizon Workrooms Community Meetup now that it's working again!



See it working in my video here of it working: 


Glad it's resolved, not sure if the Meta team reported these issues to Mac or if this was an issue that affected other installers too that was just resolved.





View solution in original post


Level 2

Having the same issue after updating. Continuously crashes and attempts to restart, never ending loop.

Level 5

@ajkolm Same... ongoing saga, others in our community are reporting the same issue! Hope it gets resolved soon. 

Level 2

I am having the same problem. I am using a Mac on Monterey 12.5.1 and keep getting set around in a loop. 


I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, my browser is up to date. I have done the obvious and logged out and back in again but the same continues.  


I hope they are doing something about it because it was working well before the new account. 

Level 3

Same issue. Meta Quest Remote Desktop fails (as above) on my Mac Studio and Mac Mini computers with M1 chips (Monterey 12.5.1). However, it works with my MacBook Pro with an Intel chip. Both odd and frustrating. 


Level 5

Wondering if the Meta/Oculus team is listening here, this is a major issue and multiple reports -- any acknowledgment that work is being done to resolve this?  Thanks!

Level 3

eXactly and it'S2 affectiNG productivity FLOW... as a Mac User... i just installed Parallels to see if this will remedy the situation... keep you posted... (based on the reports of window's users not having any isssue'S2... maybe i will also see if the Microsoft EdGe browser vs. Chrome? please comment thx...

Parallels ( Virtual PC on Mac ) temporary workaround... two week trial

@VRaSS999 Clever workaround!  I like it 🙌. Still annoying to need a workaround but it will help until we've got some answers.   Appreciate the suggestion.   I have heard from Meta Quest support directly that it does sound like the engineers are aware and working on a solution but there's nothing publicly available to help us understand the timeline for a solution which is very hard especially if you are relying on this setup at work with teams, etc. 

Hello @NathanSudo! Yes, we are here, we hear everyone, and we make every effort to reply as fast as we can.  Everyone's time is very important to us, however, we presently have a large amount of messages and are making every effort to respond to each one quickly.


Though Meta Quest devices were only built to be compatible with Windows 10 and 11, many have been able to use it on a Mac using apps in which we don't have much support for. 


We're working on making everyone's VR experience easy and fun! We appreciate your time and patience.


All the best!